Cash Advance Terms

Effective Date: June 21, 2022

Thank you for your interest in Cash Advance, offered by Askmos, Inc. (“Mos” “We” “Our” or “Us”). Cash Advance is a feature offered on our platform in connection with our Services, that we offer to you (“You” or the “User”). For more information about us and our suite of Services, including the Moster Account and Bank Account referenced below, please review the full Terms of Service at that you have already accepted or visit us at our website at

Please see below for a brief description of the “Cash Advance” feature and the specific terms and conditions related to this product (“Cash Advance Terms”). In addition to these Cash Advance Terms, your use of Cash Advance is governed by and subject to our full Terms of Service at (“Standard Terms”). Terms used but not defined herein shall have the respective meanings given to them in the Standard Terms. To the extent anything in these Cash Advance Terms is inconsistent with the Standard Terms, the Standard Terms shall control.

  1. General. Mos offers to certain eligible Users the ability to request and receive cash advances of $25 (each an “Advance”). All Users with a Moster Account in Good Standing (as defined in the Standard Terms) may request to use Cash Advance, and Mos will determine, in its sole discretion, if and when such Users are eligible for Advances. If a User is approved for Cash Advance, the User will be notified and may begin using Cash Advance. Users must repay each Advance amount before requesting another Advance.

  2. Eligibility. By landing at this page, you are eligible for Advances. You will remain eligible for Advances as long as your Moster Account remains in Good Standing and you do not have any outstanding Advances yet to be repaid. Mos reserves the right to terminate eligibility and amend the eligibility criteria for Cash Advance and Advance amounts at any time. 

  3. Fees. We do not impose fees to Users for activating Cash Advance or for initiating or completing the verification process. Advances are offered at no cost, and an approved Advance amount will usually post to a User’s Mos Bank Account within 2 Business Days.

  4. Repayment. At the time the Advance is approved, Users will be assigned a repayment date (“Repay Date”), which shall be 14 days from the date the applicable Advance is provided. By accepting the Advance, Users hereby authorize Mos to debit the Users’ Mos Bank Account in the amount of the Advance at the later of: (A) the Repay Date, or (B) when Mos receives confirmation that sufficient deposits have been made into the Mos Account; but in no event prior to the Repay Date or later than 45 days after the Repay Date. Users are responsible for maintaining sufficient funds to repay Advance amounts.  Users may, at any time, manually repay the full or a partial amount of the Advance prior to the Repay Date, in which case only the remaining amount will be debited as described above. On the Repay Date, Mos will attempt to debit funds equal to the amount of the Advance (less any amount manually prepaid by the User) from the User’s Mos Bank Account. If Mos is unable to debit funds on the preauthorized Repay Date, Mos will attempt to retrieve the Advance amount up to two more times thereafter within 45 days from the original Repay Date. Mos warrants that it has no contractual claim against the User for failure to repay an Advance. Mos further warrants that it will not report the User to a consumer reporting agency, engage in any debt collection activities, or place or sell the repayment amount to a third party. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Mos reserves its rights with respect to fraud and will pursue instances of fraud to the extent permitted by law.  Failure to repay an Advance will not affect User ability to access the Services hereunder, except that the User will be unable to receive additional Advances until such User manually repays the outstanding amount. 

  5. DisclosuresMos is not a licensed lender or money transmitter in any U.S. State or Territory and makes no representations to that effect. State regulatory agencies, including the California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation, have not reviewed, approved, or endorsed Cash Advance. If at any point during your relationship with Mos, Mos is required to obtain licenses or to make modifications to Cash Advance or these Cash Advance Terms, such developments may have no impact on your obligations under this Agreement. Although Mos is not licensed in California, any consumer is invited to share any comment and concerns about Mos or its product and practices with the Department of Financial Protection and Innovation at (866) 275-2677 (toll-free) or at the following URL: