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Meet Mos, the debit card that helps you save money on fees and gets you scholarships for college.

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Zero is our
magic number.

Mos has zero overdraft fees, late fees, or in-network ATM fees. Plus, there’s no minimum balance required.
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Exclusive access to the largestscholarship pool in America.

All the free money for college at your fingertips. Skip the search and get matched with scholarships perfect for you.FEATURED IN
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160 billions

Find free moneyfor school and life.

Join 400k students who are getting $1,000s with Mos. Find funds to pay for your dream school and expenses.
400,000 students in the Mos community
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Angel got $5,100 for USD

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Maya got $25,314 for UTK

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Ashlynn got $7,000 for DRAKE

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Omar got $16,050 for Jefferson

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Deena got $6,495 for MSU

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Mario got $9,084 for CBU

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Jasmine got $12,237 for Cal Poly

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Dominic got $9,550 for UMD

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Hannah got $1,000 for U of A

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Alex got $2,000 for Saint John’s

Real human expertshelp you save on college.

Nail your applications, negotiate for discounts, and avoid costly mistakes with 1:1 guidance from your advisor.
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