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April 4, 2023

Complete guide to the Churchill Scholarship

The Churchill Scholarship provides college seniors with funding to pursue postgraduate studies at Cambridge in the UK.

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The guide will discuss the essential information about the Churchill Scholarship, including its eligibility requirements, how to apply, and how much financial support you can receive.

We’ll also discuss some similar scholarships you might be eligible for.

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What is the Churchill Scholarship?

In the 1950s, Churchill College was established in Cambridge in the United Kingdom, and Winston Churchill sought ways to help American students study at the new school. He worked with American friends, including US Ambassador Carl Gilbert, to form the Winston Churchill Foundation of the United States. The Foundation began offering funding to students who wanted to study in Cambridge.

Winston Churchill

Today, students can receive awards worth $60,000 to help them study at Cambridge. The funds come in the form of a living allowance, travel allowance, special research grant, and school fees.

How to apply for the Churchill Scholarship

Here’s everything you need to know about applying for the Churchill Scholarship.

Eligibility requirements

To be eligible for the Churchill Scholarship, you must meet these requirements.

  • Be a US citizen

  • Be a senior enrolled at a participating school or have graduated from one of those schools in the past 12 months

  • Not have a doctorate degree

The application

You can apply for the Churchill Scholarship through its website. We’ll break it down.

  • Page 1: Create a profile with personal information

  • Page 2: Eligibility information

  • Page 3: Education information

  • Page 4: Experience and future career plans

  • Page 5: Awards and prizes

  • Page 6: Extracurriculars and hobbies

  • Page 7: List of presentations and publications

  • Page 8: Academic and research history

  • Page 9: Proposed program of study

  • Page 10: Copy of correspondence with a supervisor at Cambridge

  • Page 11: Letters of recommendation

The application process is in-depth and takes quite some time to complete. Be sure to set aside enough time to put in sufficient effort to make the application as complete and compelling as possible.

Important dates to remember

If you’re applying for the Churchill Scholarship, these are the essential dates to know.

  • Applications open: Varies by participating institution

  • Application deadline: 5 PM on November 2nd

  • Winners announced: March 1st

Other scholarships like the Churchill Scholarship

The Churchill Scholarship gives students an exciting opportunity to study abroad and learn more about another country. If you’re interested in other similar scholarships, consider these alternatives.

  • Barry Goldwater Scholarship

  • The Mitchell Scholarship 

  • The Watson Fellowship

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