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What is Mos?

Mos was inspired by the original rebel, Luke Skywalker, who came from the fictional desert town of Mos Espa (which is based on the real-life desert town of Tataouine, where our founder Amira Yahyaoui is from).

Mos is a money app on a mission to tear down all financial barriers to opportunity. Mos students get access to the largest scholarship pool in America and a personal advisor who helps you get free money for school and life. Plus, Mos lets you manage your money easily, access 50K ATMs, and send and receive money instantly.

Mos is a financial technology company and is not a bank. Banking services provided by Blue Ridge Bank N.A.; Member FDIC.

Absolutely. Your Mos account is insured up to $250,000 through our banking partner, Blue Ridge Bank N.A.; Member FDIC.

Every purchase you make with your Mos card is also protected by VISA’s Zero Liability Policy , which means you’ll never be responsible for charges you didn’t authorize. We’ve also built in bank-level security and data encryption to keep your personal info and account safe.

Of course! We welcome your feedback—the good and the bad—to make Mos better. Bring it on, we’re ready to listen. Start a chat with our team.

Getting started with Mos

If you’re 18+, you can open a Mos account on your own! If you’re under 18, you’ll need to sign up with a parent or guardian to sponsor your account.

A parent or guardian over 21 can sponsor an account. At this time, an adult can only sponsor one account. When the minor turns 18, they can remove the sponsor from their account.

If you join Mos when you’re under 18, you’ll still get access to a majority of Mos benefits, like access to thousands of scholarships, a cash back debit card, and more! However, minors will not have access to certain gigs under “Find a gig” until they turn 18.

When you sign up for Mos, you’ll be prompted to create your tag "@________"
You can use letters and numbers, "_" and "-" but no special characters or spaces.
You can change your tag by going to the profile tab → Personal information.

You can get money in a few different ways—
  1. Invite program - You'll earn a reward for every friend you invite who opens a Mos account. And the best part? They'll earn a reward too! Once you're in, there's no limit to how many people you can invite.
  2. Mos points - You’ll earn points for completing actions in the app and making certain types of purchases, and you can redeem those points for cash back. To see all the live promotions, check out the bottom of the rewards tab.
  3. Exclusive scholarships - Mos offers exclusive scholarships, such as our Black Students Matter and Back to School scholarships! Be sure to check the app and follow our social media for the latest updates.
  4. Scholarship finder - Mos has the largest scholarship pool ever, with over $160B worth of financial aid. Finding and applying for money for college is made easy on Mos.

We use your cell phone number to verify your account and make sure that only you can access your money. When you create an account, we’ll send an SMS code as verification that your account is linked to the right mobile phone number.

Your Mos bank account is provided by our banking partner, Blue Ridge Bank N.A., which is an FDIC insured and protected bank account. The government requires every bank to verify a customer’s identity before opening a bank account. We don’t perform a credit check, but we use your SSN to verify your identity.
We take your security seriously. Your SSN and personal information is always encrypted as soon as you enter it in our app. It is only used for verification purposes as required by law and not shared or sold to any third parties.

When you first create your Mos account, you’ll need to provide your email. If you were on the waitlist, be sure to use the same email!
After you’ve finished setting up your account, you’ll need to verify your email. You can do that by:
  • Go to profile tab
  • Tap personal information
  • Tap email
  • The email you provided during onboarding and/or the waitlist should appear here. If it’s not the right one, type in your new email
  • Tap verify email
  • You’ll receive an email from Mos with a six-digit code—enter that code in the app to verify your email address
And you’re good to go! You’ll know your email is verified when you see a check mark next to it.

Nope! We don’t do a credit check. We just need to verify your identity to open your account.

Yes! Once you create a Mos account and your application is approved, you’ll receive your digital card instantly. Your digital card is a digital-only card with its own unique card number and details. You can use it online or add it to your mobile wallet to use in-store.
To first use your digital card, you’ll need to add money to your account by linking a debit card, bank account, or external app (like Venmo or CashApp). Or, you can ask someone to send you money via Mos. Once your funds arrive, you’re ready to start using Mos!

Mos is a US service currently available to US residents. But, you can use your Mos card internationally anywhere VISA is accepted (which is almost everywhere!).

Sometimes we’ll need to do another quick review to confirm information, such as your address if you’ve recently moved. But don’t worry—we’ll have someone reviewing your information and your application should move forward in 1-2 business days.

Adding money

You can easily link a new bank to your Mos account.
  1. Tap home tab
  2. Tap the + icon in the top left
  3. Tap bank transfer
  4. Follow the prompts to link a bank to Mos!
You’ll be able to easily and securely send and receive money between that account and your Mos account.
You can send money instantly to anyone else with a few quick taps.
  1. Log in to your account
  2. Tap the arrow button in the top right corner of the Home tab
  3. Enter the amount and a note
  4. Enter the Mos tag, contact name, or phone number of the friend you’re sending money to
  5. Double check the details, and hit send!

Want to get your paycheck instantly to your Mos account? We’ve got you! To set up direct deposit, log in to your employer's HR profile and enter your Mos routing and account numbers, bank name, and account type. Pro tip—you can find this in the profile tabSet up direct deposit.

  • We have no daily limit for ACH transfers originated from an external bank account
  • For ACH transfers originated from Mos,
    • We have a $500 daily and $2,000 monthly transfer limit for ACH transfers coming in to Mos
    • We have a $1,000 daily and $10,000 monthly transfer limit for ACH transfers going out of Mos
  • We have no daily transfer limit from another Mos account
  • We have no direct deposit amount limit
  • For checks deposited by app, you can deposit $250 in a day and $1,000 in a month
  • The total cash amount you can deposit at an in-network ATM at once is $1,000, but up to $2,000 in a day
  • The total cash amount you can withdraw from an ATM is $500 a day - You can spend $2,500 daily using your Mos card or Google Pay & Apple Pay

Invite program

Use your Mos invite link to share Mos with fellow students! For every verified student who signs up for a Mos account using your link, both you and your friend can earn cash. Users must have an approved Mos banking account to redeem their cash bonus.

You can invite any friend who is currently a student.

Nope! You can invite as many people as you like.

Mos may modify the program at any time, including changing the reward amount or introducing new restrictions. If fraudulent activity is suspected, Mos may suspend participation in the program or freeze rewards earned previously. Users must have an approved Mos banking account to redeem their cash bonus.

Mos Points

Points are rewards you earn by using Mos! We want to help you earn more money, so we reward you for the things you already do.
Right now you can redeem your points for cash back, but we plan to add other rewards soon—stay tuned!

You can earn points by completing actions in app. Look for the points icon throughout the app for hints at which actions can earn you points! There may even be additional actions in the app that may not have the points icon but still earn points—happy hunting!
You can also earn points for making certain types of purchases. You can see the specific promos that are live at the bottom of the rewards tab.

We reward you with points instead of straight cash back because we plan on adding new ways to spend your points in the future. Soon, you’ll be able to redeem points for other things to help you earn more money!

Not all of your purchases will earn points. You will earn points on purchases that take place in your favorite category. By default, it’s Food & Drink but you can pick a different category if you choose!

Yes! Once you pick a category as your favorite, you can earn points on all purchases in that category for 30 days. After 30 days, you can select a new favorite category if you’d like.
Once you’ve selected a new favorite category, you’ll need to wait another 30 days before you can change your new favorite category again.

We set these categories to cover typical areas of spend so that you can maximize your points. We’ve tried to make the categories as broad as possible so that you can points for your everyday spending.

The merchant that you shopped at did not fall within your favorite category, even though the items you purchased technically did.
If you want to change your favorite category to the one for that merchant, you’ll be able to do so in 30 days or less - check your rewards tab to see when you’ll be able to pick a new favorite category!

First, you’ll need to earn enough points to unlock cash back. You can see how many points you have and how many you need to earn on the rewards tab.
Once you’ve earned enough points to unlock cash back, you can slide the slider to select how much cash back you want. You can redeem some or all of the points you have for cash back.

We want to encourage you to check out the Mos app and discover the different ways to earn points. Once you find all those points opportunities in the app, you’ll be able to unlock cash back in no time!

Nope! Once you’ve earned enough points to unlock cash back, you can redeem your points for cash back anytime you have points.

Not at all—you’ll automatically earn points for purchases or actions in the app once you’ve completed them.

Points will typically be pending if they’re related to purchases that are still pending. Once the purchase is final, your points will be final and settled into your account too.

Nothing! Your points will never expire, so feel free to save them up or use them however you like.

Redeeming cash back is immediate - once you complete the request, the cash will be deposited into your bank account and your points balance will be updated. At this time, you cannot return or cancel a points redemption.
If you think that a redemption has been made fraudulently, please contact Customer Support in app and we’ll look into it.

Yup! As long as the store or merchant falls within your favorite category, you’ll earn points, regardless of if you’re shopping online or in-store.

You can check your points history by tapping the clock icon on the rewards tab. This will show you how many points you earned for each event.

Point-earning events may change in the future. Be sure to check the rewards tab to stay up to date on all the ways you can earn points!

Yes! If that store or merchant falls within the category you selected as your favorite, you’ll earn 100 points for every dollar you spend.

Every store has a merchant code, or “MCC.” We’ve grouped these MCCs into broader categories, and those are what you see in the app.

You can only redeem points when your account is in an active status - if it is frozen, you are ineligible to redeem your points for cash back. Please reach out to Customer Support in the app and they can look into your account.

Getting money for college

You can complete your scholarship profile by taking short quizzes! Your Advisor can send you them, or you can answer questions on the scholarships tab.
Based on your responses, we’ll match you with the scholarships that you qualify for. If any of your information changes or is missing, you can always update it in the same place.

These quizzes help us match you with the financial aid that you qualify for (so you don’t waste time on things you don’t). If you don’t know the answer to a question, you can skip it and fill out the info later in your scholarships profile.

On the scholarships tab, tap the section that says “Find scholarships just for you.” You’ll be able to edit any of your previous answers by tapping on the pencil icon. When you’re done editing your answers, tap the button at the bottom to continue.

See a scholarship you like? Awesome! You can save it to your list by tapping the heart icon on the page.

All your saved scholarships will be at the top of the scholarships tab. If you want to see your full list of scholarships, tap see all.

Go to the scholarship you're considering. Simply tap the button on that page and you’ll be taken to the application site for that scholarship. Happy applying!

Usually, financial aid is awarded by your college in spring or summer. The money is put towards your student bill or deposited into your student account at the start of each semester. If you are unsure when you’ll get your money, you can contact the scholarship provider or your financial aid office, or ask your Advisor for help.

Your Mos card

We’ll ship your Mos card as soon as you create your account and order your card. It ships via USPS and should arrive within 7-10 business days. In the meantime, you can add your digital card to Apple Pay and Google Pay to start spending right away!

You can withdraw money from any ATM in the Allpoint network for free—that's over 50K ATMs nationwide! You can deposit cash at any Allpoint+ ATM. You can find Allpoint ATMs near you using this map.
You can also withdraw money from ATMs that are outside the Allpoint network, but you may be charged a small fee by the other ATM provider.

We want to make sure your card is extra secure, so you’ll set up a PIN for your account. Once you activate your card, you’ll be asked to choose your PIN.
If you forget your PIN or need to change it, you can contact Mos Card Services 24/7 at 1(833)333-0417 to get assistance to do so.

If your card is damaged, broken, lost, or stolen, you can easily replace it.
  • Tap profile tab
  • Tap my cards
  • Tap your physical card
  • Tap replace your card
  • Tap why you are replacing your card
  • Confirm the delivery address for the new card
  • Tap replace your card to confirm
And voila—your new card is on the way!
Your new card will come with a different card number than your previous one, so be sure to update that information if you have your card saved anywhere.

Don’t worry—refunds can take up to 5-7 business days to process and be returned to your account, depending on the merchant or store that’s sending you the refund.

Some merchants will pre-authorize a larger amount to verify funds on your account, especially if the final transaction amount is undecided at the time of purchase. This usually happens for gas purchases or mobility apps (i.e. Uber, Lyft). But don’t worry, the hold will be released in up to 5 business days once the final amount is processed.

Account maintenance

Make sure we always have your current email so we can keep you updated about your account and new features! Here’s how to change it:
  • Go to the profile tab
  • Tap personal information
  • Tap email
  • Type in your new email
  • Tap verify email
  • Verify your email by providing the six-digit code in the email we’ll send you
Be sure to keep your phone number up to date—we’ll use this to verify your account whenever you log in. Follow these steps to update your number:
  • Go to the profile tab
  • Tap personal information
  • Tap phone number
  • Type in your new number
  • Verify your phone by typing in the SMS code we’ll send you
You can always change your Mos tag as long as it’s not already taken and you follow our guidelines. You can change it by:
  • Go to the profile tab
  • Tap personal information
  • Tap tag
  • Type in your new handle (must be between 3-16 characters and can contain letters, numbers, "_" and "-" but no spaces or special characters like "!@#$%^&*()"
  • Tap save and you’re all set!

Your account is FDIC insured, so the government requires that you use your legal name. Contact us if you’ve had a legal name change and we’ll update it.

We take your security seriously. If we notice any potentially suspicious or fraudulent activity on your account, we may suspend it for your protection until the matter is resolved. When this happens, contact our support team via chat and we will look into your account.

We’re sad to see you leave! If you’re thinking about closing down your Mos Debit Account, then please contact our support team by opening the Mos app and tapping the Support icon.
From there, our Customer Support Team will walk you through the steps necessary in order to close down your account.


The Mos card comes with Visa’s Advanced Authorization and Fraud Protection.
The Advanced Authorization provides real-time fraud detection and can deny a transaction at the point of sale if it is deemed too risky.
The Fraud Protection team will reach out to you if we notice any suspicious or unusual behavior. And, you can reach our Fraud Call Center 24/7 at 1(833)333-0417—we’re always looking out for you.

Definitely—your deposits are insured up to $250,000 with our partner, Blue Ridge Bank, N.A.; Member FDIC.

If you’ve lost your card or think it’s been stolen or compromised, you can turn off transactions from within the Mos app! Go to profilemy cards→ tap your physical card → toggle allow transactions off. When transactions are turned off, you won’t be able to make any purchases using your physical Mos card.

If you notice any unusual activity or charges you don’t recognize, contact our Claims Support Department at 1(833)333-0417 immediately. One of our team members will work with you to confirm your activity.
In the meantime, you can turn off transactions in the app to block any future transactions with your physical Mos card.
If our support team does find that fraud has occurred, we will block the card and you can request for a new one to be sent. Any unauthorized transactions that weren’t already declined will be disputed so you won’t have to pay for something you didn’t purchase.

We’re sorry to hear about that! You’ll want to submit an unauthorized transaction claim right away! In order to do so, you will need to communicate with our Claims Support Department at 1(833)333-0417. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you!
Please have the following information readily available before calling:
  • Transaction Date
  • Transaction Amount
  • Merchant Information (As displayed on your transaction history/statement)
  • Any other relevant information related to this claim
Our Claims Department will walk you through the entire process and ensure you’re updated once their investigation is finalized. We will also suspend your card and issue you a replacement to prevent further unauthorized transactions from happening.

Don’t you just hate when that happens? No worries, we can help navigate through some options.
If you’re able to communicate with the merchant directly and have them investigate as to why you were charged incorrectly, then that would be our best recommendation. More times than not, they can identify the discrepancy and correct the amount charged for you. However, sometimes it isn’t as easy, which is why we’re here to help. You can give our Claims Support Department a call at 1(833)333-0417 to file the proper claim to investigate the incorrect charge amount. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you!

Invite friends.

Earn $$.

For each friend you invite to Mos,
you'll each get money to fund your fun.

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