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What is Mos?

Mos was inspired by the original rebel, Luke Skywalker, who came from the fictional desert town of Mos Espa (which is based on the real-life desert town of Tataouine, where our founder Amira Yahyaoui is from).

Mos is the money app for students on a mission to tear down all financial barriers to opportunity. Mos gives students access to the largest scholarship pool in America and a personal advisor to ensure you get as much of the scholarship and grant money you’re entitled to.

Of course! We welcome your feedback—the good and the bad—to make Mos better. Bring it on, we’re ready to listen. Start a chat with our team.

Getting started with Mos

There’s no age requirement to join Mos. However, the people likely to get the most out of Mos are already in or considering attending college. This includes anyone from a high school student all the way through graduate students.

You can get money in a few different ways—
  1. Exclusive scholarships - we offer exclusive scholarships — Black Students Matter and Back to School, to name a few — so, check the app and follow us on socials for the latest updates and scholarship opportunities.
  2. Scholarship finder - easily match with the right scholarships for you from our pool of over $160 billion worth of financial aid.

We use your cell phone number to verify your account and make sure that only you can access your info. When you create an account, we’ll send an SMS code as verification that your account is linked to the right mobile phone number.

You can. However, you must have a US-based phone number in order to open a Mos account.

Invite program

Use your Mos invite link to share Mos with other students!

You can invite any friend who is currently a student.

Nope! You can invite as many people as you like.

Getting money for college

You can complete your scholarship profile by taking short quizzes! Your Advisor can send you them, or you can answer questions on the scholarships tab.
Based on your responses, we’ll match you with the scholarships that you qualify for. If any of your information changes or is missing, you can always update it in the same place.

These quizzes help us match you with the financial aid that you qualify for (so you don’t waste time on things you don’t). If you don’t know the answer to a question, you can skip it and fill out the info later in your scholarships profile.

On the quiz, just tap on the pencil icon and you can update your information. When you’re done editing your information, tap the button at the bottom to save.

See a scholarship you like? Awesome! You can save it to your list by tapping the heart icon on the page.

On the scholarships tab, just tap the heart icon at the top to view your saved scholarships.

On your saved scholarships, tap the button to update status and keep track of which ones you've already done!

Go to the scholarship you’re considering. Simply tap the button on that page and you’ll be taken to the application site for that scholarship. Happy applying!

Usually, financial aid is awarded by your college in spring or summer. The money is put towards your student bill or deposited into your student account at the start of each semester. If you are unsure when you’ll get your money, you can contact the scholarship provider or your financial aid office, or ask your Advisor for help.

Account maintenance

Make sure we always have your current email so we can keep you updated about your account and new features! Here’s how to change it:
  • Go to the profile tab
  • Tap personal information
  • Tap email
  • Type in your new email
  • Tap verify email
  • Verify your email by providing the six-digit code in the email we’ll send you
Be sure to keep your phone number up to date—we’ll use this to verify your account whenever you log in. Follow these steps to update your number:
  • Go to the profile tab
  • Tap personal information
  • Tap phone number
  • Type in your new number
  • Verify your phone by typing in the SMS code we’ll send you
Login to the Mos App using your phone number:
  • Go to the profile tab
  • Tap Delete account

Invite friends.

Earn $$.

For each friend you invite to Mos,
you'll each get money to fund your fun.

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