Culture at Mos

Our Mission:

Our mission is to tear down all financial barriers to opportunity

Our Operating Values:

While this mission can seem idealistic, it is the reason we show up every day. We never ask ourselves whether it is possible, instead asking how fast we can achieve it. It is our experience that those who find fulfillment and thrive at Mos often align closely with the fundamental components of our culture - meaning why we do what we do, how we work, and who we are.

We believe cultures develop uniquely from the way people in an organization work together. As such, this guide does not outline who we aspire to be, but rather who we are. We aimed to create an honest, uncompromising articulation of our culture. If it gets you excited, then maybe you’ve found your next home.

1- Mosters first, us second

In everything we do, the people we serve - Mosters - come first. Every decision is considered first and foremost with regards to how it affects them and their best interests. That’s why when we make decisions, we think first about the Mosters, then Mos, then the team, then ourselves individually.

We are zealots for the mission, and the mission is for the benefit of the Mosters. We feel a strong sense of responsibility and urgency to make our vision of a world without financial barriers to opportunity a reality for them, and we ask ourselves constantly how we as individuals, as a team, and as a company can do so. Those who thrive at Mos are aligned with putting the customers ahead of ourselves collectively and themselves individually.

We take the trust of our customers seriously. What we do at Mos makes a material difference in people’s lives. Customers trust us with their money, their information, their financial future, and some of the biggest decisions of their lives. There are real consequences for messing up, and we approach every decision by making it our priority to honor that trust.

We operate with a service mindset. Those who are successful at Mos step up to do whatever needs to be done to best serve our customers and best support the team - regardless of whether it’s in their job description. There is no task unworthy of our time or attention.

Results are what matter. Creating real, life-changing value for our customers is all that matters. Trying and good intentions are not enough. We abhor stagnation and failures without learning; as such, we assess our results honestly and seek to learn and make progress with every failure towards the ultimate success of delivering for the people we serve. We are in a constant pursuit of results.

2- Operate like a guerrilla

When the Galactic Empire fell at the hands of the Rebel Alliance, it was the final act of a classic underdog story - the agile, maverick rebels toppling the imposing, seemingly insurmountable incumbent. At Mos, we are at our best when we operate like a guerilla, and it is a defining characteristic of who we are and how we work.

Be water. Success at Mos requires one to be adaptable, fluid, and comfortable with changing circumstances, like water that flows to fill whatever shape it encounters. It also requires intense grit and resilience - like the steady stream of water that can break even the sturdiest rocks.

Embrace frugality. We believe the best use of our resources is to deliver value to our Mosters. As such, we seek to do more with less, and to approach problems by working smart with scrappy ingenuity and resilience rather than throwing money at it. It’s also our belief that constraints breed creativity. We don’t expect to have everything we need to get things done; we’ll make it happen anyway.

Think with analytical rigor and creativity. Every person at Mos operates with a fine balance between analytical rigor and radical creativity. For us to win against incumbents as the underdog, we cannot sacrifice either of these qualities at the expense of the other. We categorically reject the dichotomy of poets and quants, of fuzzies and techies - everyone at Mos seeks to be excellent at both analysis and imagination. We expect this highest standard of excellency from each and every one of our teammates, and we never settle for anything less.

Don’t ask for a seat, pull up a chair. We do not have a concept of encroaching on someone else’s territory at Mos — there are no fiefdoms, and. you are expected to share your legos. Our sole focus is to deliver the highest quality outcomes for our customers, and we do so by coming together across functions rather than relying on individual star players. Therefore, at Mos you are not only permitted, but expected to solve problems without seeking permission and without adherence to teams, roles, and rank.

Go fast and far, together. We’re only as fast as the slowest on the team, so we make a point of supporting each other to be at our best. The fight we’re in is a hard one, and the camaraderie, trust, and care we show each other serves to keep us together along this journey. We are always there to lend a hand, build enduring friendships, laugh and enjoy the journey together.

3- Revolution, not evolution

Achieving our mission requires not incremental improvements to legacy systems, but the creation of new ones altogether. The way we live was not transformed by faster horses or brighter candles, and the financial system we want to build requires a relentless pursuit of the frontier. It won’t be easy, but we welcome and crave the challenge.

Build the future. We’re not here to fix or improve the financial system, but to completely redefine it. To achieve this at a record speed means approaching it with a boldness that others would shy away from. We crave crazy ideas and take them seriously, because crazy is often just genius that requires excellent execution.

We are perpetually hungry to do better. While there have been and will be many milestones to celebrate at Mos, we’re not particularly interested in dwelling on past successes when there are many upcoming ones on the horizon. Those who thrive at Mos have a particular constant hunger to solve problems - solving a problem is an opportunity to tackle another.

Competition is the status quo. We don’t obsess over what others are building or doing; instead, we take that knowledge as a history lesson - a view of what has been tried and built. Rather than focus on building incrementally better versions of something that exists, we believe that a first principles focus on the people we serve will inform a future that is wide open for us to shape.

We are optimists. We have no doubt that the future we want to build is achievable, and recognize our role in getting us there. We know it can’t be taken for granted, and we’re committed to finding or inventing a way to make it happen. That commitment, in turn, fuels our optimism in Mos’ success.

Amira Yahyaoui Founder & CEO