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October 28, 2022

Queens College financial aid: a complete guide

Want to attend Queens College, but wondering how to pay for it? Learn more about your Queens College financial aid options.

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Queens College, City University of New York (CUNY)—often called Queens College for short— is a public college in Queens, NY, and it’s part of the 23-school CUNY system. 

It’s also known as one of the most affordable public colleges in the US for both undergraduate and graduate students!

If you're interested in applying to Queens College but wondering how you'll pay for it, we've got you covered.

Let's break it all down.

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A snapshot look at Queens College

Queens College was established in 1937 and is located in the Kew Gardens Hills section of Queens in New York City. Its student population is just over 20,000—about 17,000 undergrads—and represents over 170 countries. 

Undergraduate students can choose from around 70 majors spread across 7 schools.

Thanks to its NYC location, Queens College has many famous alumni in arts, entertainment, and media, such as:

  • Jerry Seinfeld

  • Joy Behar

  • Jon Favreau

  • Adrien Brody

  • Paul Simon

  • Carole King

As well as several New York state congresspeople. 

In addition to its medium size and great programs, Queens College is known for being affordable. It’s been ranked as a ‘Best Value’ college by numerous publications while also being recognized for its academics.

Ranking: 50 (regional universities, north)

Size: 16,866 (undergrad)

Demographics: 29.1% (white), 27.9% (Asian/Pacific Islander), 28% (Hispanic), 8.6% (Black)

Tuition: $3,465/semester (in-state undergrad), $9,300/semester (out-of-state undergrad for 15 credits/semester)

Acceptance rate: 49%

Average GPA of accepted student: 3.43

Key dates and deadlines (2021)

  • Application: February 1

  • Financial aid deadlines: Financial aid deadlines: April 1 (FAFSA priority), June 30 (FAFSA regular).

A look at scholarships offered by Queens College

Scholarships are a great form of financial assistance that can help cover the cost of tuition, books, supplies, and more at Queens College. 

High school students, transfer students with an associate degree, and current students can all apply for merit scholarship aid through the Queens College Admissions Office. Your award total can range from $250 to $2500 per semester.

There are also additional scholarships that Queens College students can apply for. You can check out available scholarships on the university’s scholarships page

Outside of Queens College’s scholarship opportunities, you can seek out private scholarships to help cover more costs. 

Altogether, scholarships can make Queen’s College even more affordable for students on a budget.

For more on which scholarships you can apply for, and how Mos can help, check out our financial aid tips and tricks.

Student loans

Student loans are another way to pay for tuition and other expenses when attending Queens College.

Queens College’s admissions department offers plenty of information about student loans on its financial aid website

Federal direct loans are one of the best loan options. These come from the federal government, and there are two types that you can get:

  • Subsidized: Interest doesn’t start building up until you leave school and a 6-month grace period ends. Interest doesn’t build up if you defer your attendance, either.

  • Unsubsidized: Interest starts building up immediately.

If federal loans don’t provide you with enough money, you can also take out private student loans. But be careful—these tend to have higher interest rates and lack the perks that come with federal loans.

For more help on finding the right student loan for you, join Mos today, and work with an advisor who will help you find the best way to invest in your education.

Student loans


Every student should fill out Free Application For Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as early as possible for each year they attend college. 

The FAFSA application helps the federal government determine how much federal financial aid you’re eligible for. This money can come in many forms, such as loans and grant aid. 

Plus, the New York Higher Education Services Corporation (HESC) uses FAFSA to determine eligibility for its Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) grant. 

TAP is available to New York residents attending New York schools like Queens College. The application for TAP is located right in the FAFSA.

You can fill out FAFSA on October 1 before the academic year for which you’d like to file. The deadline is generally the last day of June of the year you’re attending.

For example, if you apply for the 2021-2022 school year, you could begin applying on October 1, 2020. The last day to apply is June 30, 2022.

For more on applying for federal aid using the FAFSA, including important dates and how to make sure your application is submitted successfully, explore Mos memberships today.


Queens College financial aid FAQs

Now that you know more about Queens College and the different types of financial aid available, let’s answer 3 frequently asked questions (FAQs).

What is Queens College’s cost of attendance?

Queens College is a public school—resident students pay less than out-of-state students. Here are some estimates for costs of attendance:

  • In-state: Around $8,500–$11,000, depending on your major and living expenses.

  • Out-of-state: Around $15,000–$18,000, depending on your major and living expenses.

Queens College cost of attendance

Queens College has a web page with a calculator tool and other information that can help you figure out your cost of attendance based on credit hours, enrollment status, and other factors. 

Is there a deadline to accept financial aid?

You must accept federal student loans before the last day of the term you’re attending.

To find out about deadlines for Queens College scholarships, you should contact their financial aid department.

How does Queens College disburse aid?

Queens College applies aid directly to your bill. They do this even if they haven’t received it yet but you’re eligible based on your registration status. However, you’ll owe that money later if funds don’t arrive.

Many students have leftover funds due to the low cost of attendance. These are sent to you for use on other educational expenses, like textbooks and school supplies.

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Universities like Queens College that you might be interested in

If you want to attend school in New York but don’t believe that Queens College is the right fit for you, here are some comparable schools in the city.

CUNY Baruch College

CUNY Baruch College is another CUNY school located in Manhattan.

Baruch offers a variety of majors across 3 schools:

  • Marxe School of Public and International Affairs

  • The Weissman School of Arts and Sciences

  • The Zicklin School of Business

CUNY Baruch College has slightly lower tuition than Queens College, and it ranks highly for its academics.

The City College of New York

The City College of New York is located in Harlem, and it was the first school in the CUNY system.

City College is known for many ‘firsts’ in US higher education, including:

  • First student government

  • First intercollegiate lacrosse game

  • First documentary film program

  • Longest running alumni association

New York City College of Technology

New York City College of Technology, also called City Tech, is a public university in the CUNY system located in Brooklyn. It’s CUNY’s college of technology.

City Tech is known most for its technology and design programs, but it also offers various programs in the arts, sciences, and business.


Queens College is an affordable school—especially if you’re a New York resident. 

Plus, the school offers several scholarships that can bring costs down even further. In many cases, students don’t need to take out large student loans to attend.

If you think you’d like to go to Queens College, make sure to take advantage of the scholarships available.

If you’re looking for the best way to pay for school, Mos can help.

With Mos, you can get help negotiating for more financial aid, apply for hundreds of scholarships and grants with ease, and even get help with writing scholarship essays. 

Connect with a Mos financial aid advisor today to find every dollar you qualify for. From scholarships to grants to loans, we’ll fight to lower your tuition. 

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