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Thurgood Marshall Scholarship

Essay required


Requires community service

Specific majors

The National Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice (NABCJ) will annually award a scholarship to a student with financial need enrolled in an undergraduate degree program in Criminal Justice and has maintained the equivalent of a “B” average. To qualify, you must provide documentation of community/volunteer service. An essay and recommendations are required. Sound perfect to you? Apply!



🗓 March 31, 2023


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What you'll need


Capture your unique story and ambitions, while writing about the required subject matter.

Community Service

Highlight impactful involvement or participation in your community.


Each scholarship has a set of requirements: specific factors that determine whether or not you're eligible to apply. You can visit the scholarship site to find this information, or fill out the Mos quiz to be automatically matched with scholarships you qualify for! FYI: the more information you share with Mos, the better scholarship matches Mos will make!

Financial need is determined by the information you enter into your FAFSA. It's the difference between how much it's going to cost you to go to college, your 'cost of attendance (COA)', minus how much of this cost can you / your family cover, your 'Expected Family Contribution (EFC)'. If your EFC is lower than your COA, you have financial need! If you're not sure about your EFC or COA, reach out to a Mos advisor for help!

A letter of recommendation (letter of rec) is a letter written by someone in your life who can speak to your achievements, positive traits, and potential. It's basically a summary of why you're great and deserve the scholarship or funding you're applying for! Typically, students ask teachers, mentors, coaches, or employers (never family or friends). FYI: You have to ask someone to write a letter of rec for you.

Yes! But make sure to read each scholarship application's essay guidelines and requirements, and personalize your essay to each scholarship you apply to. Using the same essay for multiple applications can be a time-saver, but changing just a sentence or two can make a difference!

To have a copy of your official transcript submitted for a scholarship application, you'll need to contact the registrar's office and ask that they send your transcript to the address you provide. Tip: Make sure to do this far in advance!

For a college transcript, you can also contact the registrar's office, or, you can submit a request through your college portal. FYI: Colleges often charge a fee for this.

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