Refund Policy

At Mos, we want to make sure you are happy with your purchase. We are confident that applying to government financial aid through Mos is the one and only way to get all the money you are eligible for without the hassle. That’s why we built our Mos membership with a 100% refund policy in mind.

The way it works it’s simple, if you don’t receive a financial aid package with at least twice the amount of money you paid for your Mos membership, you get a full refund.

To receive the refund, just send by email a photo or screenshot of the final financial aid letters from the colleges you applied to so we can confirm the amounts received.

Refund requests should be sent to with “Refund request” in the subject line.

The fine print:

There are three situations where you are not entitled to a refund of your Mos One fee:

(1) If your Mos application successfully results in an aid package greater than twice your fee from at least one of your colleges, then we consider that Mos has done its job. If you choose to attend a college where you did not receive aid, then may the force be with you!

(2) If extra steps (such as creating an online account or communicating with the financial aid office) are required from the student in order to receive an aid program and you don’t receive the aid because you failed to take the necessary steps in a timely manner, a refund is not available.

(3) Your Mos membership includes up to 45 minutes of dedicated support from our expert financial aid advisors. Certain extraordinary issues can require assistance beyond the allotted 45 minutes; in those cases, students may elect to receive a refund or to continue receiving expert support but may no longer request a refund.

In addition to our Mos membership, we built other services to help you throughout your financial aid journey. Like hiring a consultant or advisor, these services require time and expert human labor so the refund policy works differently.

Mos Appeal:

Life comes with surprises and unfortunately these don’t usually fit into the boxes of typical financial aid forms. A change in students’ life or family circumstances can impact your family’s calculated “expected family contribution”; financial aid offices can make mistakes and leave off aid programs for which you might qualify; or you simply need some help with the appeal process. When this happens, Mos’s expert financial aid advisors will produce the necessary appeal communications for you to make sure that your final financial aid package includes the maximum amount possible.

Your Appeal has a limited refund policy:

After completing the Mos appeal questionnaire, you will receive an initial assessment from your expert financial aid advisor before they begin to work on your appeal. Some student circumstances provide very strong grounds for a successful aid appeal, while other circumstances are rarely successful. Ultimately the decision in response to a student’s appeal is up to the financial aid office, their policies, and the availability of funds. Your expert advisor will let you know which end of the spectrum you fall on. You can then choose to have Mos proceed with your appeal process, or to receive a refund.