Do Mos and be done (really done).

Mos applies you to every government financial aid program for college you’re eligible for, using one form.

How it works

You could miss out on thousands worth of government financial aid by only submitting your FAFSA®.

Federal aid

Federal Aid

Can only be applied to using FAFSA® and if not combined with state aid could result in a higher amount of loans


Mos Applies You To Everything Using a Single Form

And with $135 billion available to students each year, that could mean a lot for your college


State Aid

Can require filling out a form for each state program and navigating multiple deadlines and eligibility requirements

“I found the whole financial aid process confusing. But by using Mos, I got $32,000— more money than I ever imagined.”
Jason Walker
Jason A. Walker

Students who apply and appeal for government financial aid with Mos get an average of $15,000 a year.

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One Form to Rule Them All

Just fill out one form and we’ll apply to every government aid you’re eligible for— including your FAFSA® free.

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Help When You Need It

You don’t need to be an expert to use Mos, but if you need to talk to one, we’ve got them.

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Get a Better Aid Package

Our advisors negotiate with your college, so you don't have to settle for less (or sit on hold).

“I am so grateful for Alex, my Mos financial aid advisor. He made me feel supported through the whole process and helped me get all the money I am eligible for.”
Alison Savage
Alison Savage
UC Berkeley