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What is Mos and why should I use it?

Mos is a smart, powerful tool for applying for student financial aid.  

With Mos, you’ll fill out only one smart form and then Mos will apply for you to all the different programs for which you are eligible.

Mos demystifies complicated questions and automatically detects and prevents inconsistent answers.  Mos also keeps track of deadlines, eligibility criteria, and the progress you’re making. We’ll keep your answers safe for you to come back to and access again for next year’s applications.

Today, Mos helps you to complete and submit the most important aid application, called the Free Application for Federal Student Aid or the FAFSA®, which is required for hundreds of financial aid programs including the Pell Grant.  Soon, Mos will be able to help you with all your financial aid needs!

You should use Mos.com to save time, avoid confusion, and to have the best financial aid application experience we could design.