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What happens after I submit my information to Mos?

After you complete your Mos application, you will be asked to review, certify and submit!  Mos will then fill in your applications for you, including your FAFSA®.

We will provide you with a To Do List to track any additional steps you may need to take to finalize your applications.  The first one is to log on to the FAFSA® and make sure that you sign it!  Mos tracks all your deadlines and provides you help all along the way.

When your FAFSA® is submitted, the Department of Education will send you a Student Aid Report in your inbox containing all the financial aid answers you provided as well as showing you the government's determination of how much money your family is expected to pay toward college.  The amount your family is expected to pay is called the "EFC" or "expected family contribution."  This is a key figure used by financial aid providers to determine whether you qualify for need-based financial aid.  More information is available in our FAQ "What is financial aid?"