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When you're filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®) and looking for help to pay for college - there are some basic questions students need to figure out:

Example #1: “Which schools should you list on your FAFSA®?”

The bottom line: You should list all the colleges that you might apply to.

IF you think you may want to receive a financial aid award letter from a college, THEN you need to list that college on your FAFSA®.

At the time you are filling out your financial aid application, you might not have finished applying to all (or any) of your colleges. Or maybe you're just about to sign up for Spring Semester. You might not have even finalized your college list.

You should still go right ahead and list all the schools you’re considering. That way, there won’t be a delay in your college processing your aid award letter and you'll be able to make a financially informed decision of where to go.

There is a twist: if you're applying to more than 10 colleges

The FAFSA® only accepts a maximum of 10 schools at a time. In order to list more schools, you’ll need to sign and submit your FAFSA® and then log back in later, delete some schools to make room for your additional ones, enter the new ones, and sign and re-submit. (The financial aid tool Mos can take care of entering additional colleges for you - and assign you a financial aid advisor to review your application.)

Have you applied for all the financial aid you qualify for? Only one way to be sure…

Every year, the federal and state governments give out billions of $$$ in financial aid to students to help meet the costs of a college education. Don’t miss out on aid money that could save you or your parents a lot of hard-earned cash over the course of a degree. Mos (at www.mos.comis the only financial aid tool that combines the applications for all 500+ federal and state financial aid programs into one super easy-to-use interface. Give it a try for free at mos.com and make sure you get all the financial aid money you qualify for today!

As a reminder, federal and state government operate financial aid programs. Many have their own applications, FAFSA® being the most important one. Mos is not affiliated with the Department of Education or any state agencies. Mos helps students with their FAFSA® for free, and the FAFSA® is also always available from fafsa.gov.

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