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The thing about financial aid is that you don’t know what you don’t know!

When your college sends your financial aid award letter, will it include all the aid that you could have qualified for? How will you know?

What order should you list your colleges in on your FAFSA®?

Virtually all States have financial aid programs for their students, but you have to apply the right way in order to be considered for them.

Six States make that a little bit trickier than the rest right on your FAFSA®.

If you’re from Connecticut, Massachusetts, Michigan, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Vermont, or West Virginia then that applies to you.

Find your state below:

Connecticut: To be considered for state-based aid, you must list an in-state college either first or second on your financial aid application.

Massachusetts: Massachusetts will make grant awards available to the first eligible school that you list on your financial aid application. If you decide to attend a school further down on your list, you’ll need to contact the MA Office of Student Financial Assistance to be considered for aid there.

Michigan: State grant awards will be considered for a student only at the first college listed on your financial aid application. If you decide to attend a different college, you’ll have to notify the Michigan Student Scholarships and Grants Student Portal to be considered for State aid at your school.

Pennsylvania: Like Michigan, Pennsylvania Commonwealth grants will only be considered for a student at the first college listed on their financial aid application. To be considered for State aid at the school you actually choose to attend, you’ll have to contact the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency.

South Carolina: South Carolina authorities politely request that you list the schools you’re likeliest to attend higher up on your application. This is a soft rule. To make updates to the school you actually attend, follow instructions for transferring your school at the South Carolina Tuition and Grants site.

Vermont: Vermont looks at the top three slots of your financial aid application for Vermont State aid. If you attend a school that you listed below the top three, then you’ll have to contact the Vermont Student Assistance Corporation to confirm with them.

West Virginia: Along with Michigan and Pennsylvania, West Virginia considers grant aid for a student only at the first college listed on their financial aid application. To update your school choice to a different school, you’ll have to contact the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission at (304) 558-4618.

Have you applied for all the financial aid you qualify for? Only one way to be sure…

Every year, the federal and state governments give out billions of dollars in financial aid to students to help meet the costs of a college education. Don’t miss out on aid money that could save you or your parents a lot of hard-earned cash over the course of a degree. Mos is the only financial aid tool that combines the applications for all 500+ federal and state financial aid programs into one super easy-to-use interface. Give it a try for free and make sure you get all the financial aid money you qualify for today!

As a reminder, federal and state government operate financial aid programs. Many have their own applications, FAFSA® being the most important one. Mos is not affiliated with the Department of Education or any state agencies. Mos helps students with their FAFSA® for free, and the FAFSA® is also always available from fafsa.gov.

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