At Mos, we believe higher education should be a right—not a privilege.


Mos is a single application for all $135B in federal and state financial aid. Mos simplifies the FAFSA® (the Free Application for Federal Student Aid) for students applies them to every state grant and scholarship for which they qualify. (Mos is not affiliated with the U.S. Department of Education, which provides the FAFSA® at The Mos FAFSA® help service is free and always will be). 

Students who use Mos spend less time applying for financial aid and end up with more money for college. On average, Mos finds each student $15,000 in college financial per year, but our application only takes 20 minutes.


At Mos, students come first. Our team has just one mission: to get students the financial aid they deserve. Everything we do comes back to that mission–from pricing to privacy.

Mos has a money-back guarantee on its Mos One service, that ensures our business incentives align with students’ goals. If students don’t find at least double our fee in aid, we give the money back. And because Mos will never sell user data, we won’t make any money unless our students do.

"Paying for college should not come down to who spent three months filling out forms and who didn’t. It should be simple, straightforward, and accessible to everyone." - Amira Yahyaoui, Founder of Mos

Mos will always:

1. Find students every dollar they qualify for in federal and state aid
2. Support students and parents through the application process
3. Advocate for students in their financial aid offices
4. Improve our application to make it easier to use and understand

Mos will never:

1. Access user information except to apply students for aid
2. Disclose user information to third-parties other than aid providers
3. Sell or advertise private student loans
4. Associate with the private loan industry
5. Rent or sell user data


Activist and entrepreneur Amira Yahyaoui founded Mos to help students pay for college. Amira and her founding team set out to automate the confusing financial aid process and find students the aid they needed for the schools of their dreams.

First, a little background. In the United States, 83 percent of families cannot afford college, so the government created hundreds of federal and state financial aid programs for students. There is $135B+ in financial aid made available to annually, but a good chunk of the aid never gets used. Why? Because applying to financial aid sucks.

Most of us don’t know of all the programs that exist or the eligibility requirements for each. Identifying and applying to all the programs that a student qualifies for can take weeks of research and filling out forms. Many students just fill out FAFSA®, which doesn’t doesn’t include a whopping $12B in state gift and work aid.

The Mos team looked long and hard at all the federal and state financial aid programs across the country–those based on financial need, academic merit, residency, field of study, family background, and more–and what it takes for a student to apply successfully. Then, they built a single application that automatically applies students to all the programs for which they qualify.

Today, Mos finds an average of $15,000 in financial aid per student per year. Mos's diverse team consists of policy experts, coders, educators, and leaders of all kinds. What brought us all together? A shared commitment to justice and privacy, and the wonderful students, parents, and educators Mos serves.


Our name was inspired by the original rebel: Luke Skywalker, who came from the desert of Mos Espa. It also doesn’t hurt that Mos is a simple word that’s easy to pronounce, no matter where you’re from.

That is the name we chose for of our intrepid raccoon mascot–or rather, our 'moscot.' Like real raccoons, Mos is incredibly clever and hard-working–willing to go straight into messy situations in order to find what’s really of value.

Even when regulations and questions seem designed to lock you out, Mos finds the way in and makes sense of it for you. Keep an eye out for Mos–she’s keeping an eye out for you!

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Get the financial aid you deserve with Mos.